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Breaking out Payments and Discounts

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  • To all:

    I need some help in how to break out (multiple) payments applied and discounts taken in the Sales subject area.

    I want to have a query/structure like this:

    Invoice 123      $100.00 due

               Payment "A" Ck 987 - Paid 50.00  0.00 discount taken      01/01/13

               Payment "B" Ck 543 - Paid $45.00 - took $5.00 discount  01/12/13 (fully paid)

    Something tells me it may be in the Linked Transactions system, but for now I am stumped.



    John Stark


  • Answered

    In QQube Version 7.1 Build 471 we introduced the following column values to assist with measures for paid/open transaction status and applied/taken discounts:

    • SalesTxn Document Discount Items Amount
    • SalesTxn Document Credits Amount
    • SalesTxn Line Credits Applied On Document
    • SalesTxn Line Payments Applied On Document
    • SalesTxn Line Payments Applied To Document
    • SalesTxn Line Discounts Applied On Document
    • SalesTxn Line Discounts Applied To Document
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