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Filtering out zero on-hand quantities in Excel using QQube | CLEARIFY

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Filtering out zero on-hand quantities

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  • I need the ability to filter for a specific Item(s) AND filter out zero on-hand Lots.  Anyone know how to do this?

  • If you are using Excel, then you just use the native functionality to filter out numerical values:  It is the third picture down in this How-To Guide.  https://clearify.com/wiki/view/99/how-to-filter


  • Thanks.  I looked the pictures in the link and I think that explains how to use the numerical filter to exclude zero.  That works great until I use the filter to see one specific product.  Once I use the drop down arrow and filter to see only one product I lose the numerical filter I set to hide zero quantities.  It seems I can't have both.  So, what I get when viewing one specific project is those Lots with quantities and those with zero quantities.  I only want to see those Lots with quantities on hand.

  • Answered

    That is an Excel limitation.  You can't have more than one filter on that column.  So you are asking for a value filter on an item, but then you negate that filter, when you choose a specific item - as that becomes your new filter.

    Try this workaround:  Bring in the Item Full Name to the left of the item name.  Put the value filter on the item name, and then you can choose an individual filter on the item full name.

    As long as your item names are not duplicated among different levels, this should work fine.

  • That works!  Thank you.  Another Einstein moment for me.  Seems quite obvious now :-)

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