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I have been getting mvdf_LINE_INVOICE_STAX_SDK error | CLEARIFY - Page 1

  • I have been getting this error over the past several days:

    Index 'mvdf_LINE_INVOICE_STAX_SDK' for table 'mvdf_LINE_INVOICE_STAX_SDK' would not be unique
    refresh materialized view "mvdf_LINE_INVOICE_STAX_SDK"

    I did change a tax setting in QBE 2020 Platinum, but running verify/rebuild in QB yields no issues. In qqube, I deleted the company data, ran the manual updater with "Clear all data on sync start" checked and still get this error. Not sure what else to try here. Any suggestions?

  • Answered

    I would create a private ticket by highlighting the last log, and using the "Send to CLEARIFY button". 

    An engineer can look at the current, and historical synchs and advise you further.

  • Ok, thanks, I just did that.

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