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Quickbooks Enhanced Inventory Reporting - Cost Total Issues | CLEARIFY

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Quickbooks Enhanced Inventory Reporting - Cost Total Issues

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  • Anyone using Clearify on Quickbooks Enterprise where Enhanced Inventory Reporting is enabled?  Our job cost totals are now reporting double because Document Type Item Receipt numbers (JobTxn Line Job Cost Open Amount) are now included in the Job Cost Amt.   Is there a way to change this?

  • Answered

    Since you have enhanced receiving turned on QuickBooks, the Item Receipt is now the inventory item of record - and not the bill. 

    Enhanced receiving correctly accrues purchases, from where the offset to pay the bill will come from.

    If you are using the inventory analytic, then you filter out the transaction type "bill" to maintain accurate inventory counts.  

    Job Costing Analytic is a little different.  Most of the time, you would create direct customer billable expenses from bills and not item receipts. 

    But the good news is, since the item COGS is only apportioned to the job once the item has been sold, the inventory count is not the issue.  The cost is - and that comes from the posted COGS on the customer invoice.

    So if you filtered out transaction type =  item receipts, you should be ok.


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