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Is there a DELETED Jobs field in QQube? | CLEARIFY

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Is there a DELETED Jobs field in QQube?

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  • I am using the Enterprise Pro version. I just discovered that jobs can be deleted (when a job was deleted by a user). The deleted job still shows up in my tables and I see no way to ID the job as deleted? The inactive column I've used for years but this is the first time the issue of a "Deleted" job has ever come up. Found nothing in the Schema section, Posts, help, or searching through my tables.

    Anyone know where that flag is hiding?

    Thanks in advance,


  • Answered

    In QuickBooks You can only delete a job if there is no activity entered/posted to it.  If you did enter or post a transaction, then the only thing you can do is inactivate the job.  That field exists in the job DIMENSION as "Job Active" with values of "Active" and "Not-Active"

    If you did delete a job name, and want to see it, you can select the QuickBooks Company Setup from the QQube Excel Add-In , and choose the Deleted Lists analytic to see what has been deleted in QB.  However, the Intuit SDK only goes back 90 days to access those deleted list records - after which, they are not attainable.

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