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Is QQube Version 10 available? | CLEARIFY

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Is QQube Version 10 available?

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  • Good morning all,

    Is version 10 out ? QQube Version History - 10 | CLEARIFY 

    QQube config tool says I am current with 7.9.536.

    Thank you


  • I'm itching the same way :-p Hopefully soon. It is a bit disappointing with the lack of updates this year without any discussion from the Clearify team on the progress, where they are, and ideas of what and when things are coming. 

  • Sorry for the lack of communications. 

    We will have a blog posted on Monday as to where we are.  We will be releasing Ver 10 any day now.  We are just trying to nail down a final feature that is giving us some gray hairs - but is necessary for release.

    Thank you for reminding us that communications is important.

  • Answered

    To both of you.  Version 10 is here.

    With Regards to road maps, we can only talk in general terms.

    Online with a subset of current QQube data models will be available this year.  We can not confirm any time table.

    We will continue to add smaller features on the desktop version throughout the year.  As with any new major version, we get some anticipated bugs, and those get fixed as quickly as possible.

    We hope that Version 10 satiates your appetite for getting quicker answers from your data - particularly within Power BI.

    QQube 10.0 (Build 567) Release Details | CLEARIFY

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