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QQube "Document Time Created" | CLEARIFY

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QQube "Document Time Created"

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  • Hello,

    With the recent update to QQube, I can no longer find this field.  Has it been renamed?

    Thanks for the assist!

  • Can you give us some context please?  what data model? What medium are you using e.g. power bi, etc?

    We haven't removed those fields anywhere.  However, according to this document Modifications in Version 10 | CLEARIFY there are three places where certain time modified/created field names were fixed:

    • Assembly Sub
    • Assembly Item
    • Cash Position
  • Thanks for the reply.  Sorry for not clarifying.  I am currently using Excel, using the "sales" template.  Before, I had "Document Time Created" in the document attributes, but now it's missing.  Additionally, after updating the QQube, when I opened my Excel files, it provided me with an error message stating my workbook contained fields that had been depreciated, and I should contact Clearify for support [2368].

  • Answered

    It looks like you are using Power Pivot. 

    You actually may have several issues here. One is a correction on spelling for a Geography Field in the Sales Data Model (common in upgrades it appears), and the other is that the document created field is not a "default show" field in this version - so just have to check that field from the Power Query underneath.

    The easiest thing to do is create a ticket for engineering (do that by highlighting the latest log, checking "verbose logs" at the bottom, and hit the Send to CLEARIFY button).  

    Once the ticket is created with the log information, you can also comment, and just attach the Power Pivot files in question.  We can get them right back to you with the "fixes" to the spreadsheet model.



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