QQUBE™ Out-Of-The-Box Solutions for QuickBooks Reports and Dashboards

QuickBooks Reporting - Dashboard - Visualization Solutions

QQube brings your QuickBooks data to life using everyday tools

QQube Analytics

QQube Analytics Technology

QQube simplifies the access to your QuickBooks information and provides drag and drop functionality in the reporting tool of your choice. No dealing with tables, relationships, mapping documents, reverse engineering, or connection strings

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Excel Analytics Tools

Excel Based Analysis

Use the included QQube Excel Add-In to drag and drop live information into your spreadsheets, or use the pre-built QQube shells for Excel PowerPivot to create advanced analysis for inventory, job costing, general ledger, and sales analytics.

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Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI

QQube provides over 220 out-of-the-box metrics including an additional 200 DAX formulas to stem the learning curve for Microsoft’s flagship data visualization product. Use the Power BI desktop authoring tool or upload into the cloud for access on any device.

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Microsoft Access

Forms and Reports

If you have years of Microsoft Access skills, put them to use, by taking advantage of our out-of-the-box QQube shells for each analytic area. No tables to connect, or engineering to reverse. Just open one of the examples, start with a pre-built query, and create your report.

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SAP Crystal Reports

Conventional Reporting

After 3 decades, SAP Crystal Reports is still the number one desktop tool for conventional reporting with pinpoint layouts, and complex data groupings. Use with QQube for financial statements, 52/53 tax year reporting, inventory analysis, and job cost layouts

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Tableau® Dashboards

Tableau provides stunning Quickbooks dashboards, and is a standard bearer of the Gartner "Magic Quadrant" for visualization. Use the pre-built QQube shells to get started without the need to deal with tables, relationships, or mapping documents.

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Multiple QuickBooks Files with QQube

Aggregating Multiple QuickBooks Files - Automatically

QQube is capable of combining a hundred QuickBooks files, allowing you to aggregate any analytic information, including Financial Statements, A/R, A/P, Purchases, Sales, Inventory, or even Job Costing.

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