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QQube for QuickBooks Version 7.2 (Build 477) | CLEARIFY

QQube 7.2 (Build 477)

QQube 7.2 (Build 477)

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Release Date - April 25, 2019


There are six bug fixes in this version

Bug Fixes

QQube Data

  • Fix incorrect Unclassified Amounts in Balance Sheet by Class 
  • Fix incorrect Unclassified Amounts in Profit and Loss by Class 
  • Fix issue where Payroll Liability Adjustments were missing from Enterprise Only Reports 
    • Profit and Loss 52/53 tax year (and by Class)
    • Profit and Loss Actual/Budget/Forecast (and by Class)
    • Profit and Loss Freestyle (and by Class)
  • Fix issue where null Vendor Contacts ID would return from the Intuit SDK and throw an error in the log during the extraction process for Company Setup. 
  • Fix issue where using the Excel Add-In for the Cash Position Analytic would throw a "not found" error when choosing Line Rate Percentage
  • Fix issue where Fiscal Year Dimension was not getting updated properly if a different fiscal month was chosen on the wizard. This did not affect changes from within the QQube Configuration Tool.

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