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Reporting Discounts Taken

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  • JohnStark
    To All:
    I am developing an application that decomposes an entire history of invoices and associated transactions.
    Please let me know the best way of handling discounts taken at time of payment.
    Are they accumulated as a total only in the "SalesTxn Document Actual Discount Amount" field, or are they (I hope) somehow
    stored as an "Associated Transaction" or other such item.
    My goal is to have each discount taken at time of payment show independently.
    Are discounts taken at time of payment available on an individual basis ?
    Thanks !
    John Stark
  • admin

    The  "SalesTxn Document Actual Discount Amount" is what was actually discounted on the invoice. Remember that it is a document field, so it is repeated for each line on the invoice. Use PowerPivot to grab the unique value for each invoice.

    To get the discount on an invoice by invoice basis use the patented feature in the QQube General Ledger Detail subject where linked transactions are grouped in consecutive rows.  The master link # is actually the QB Transaction number.

    QQube General Ledger - Linked Transactions

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