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Discount code effectiveness report

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  • Client is looking for a report that they can use to tell whether or not a particular promo is effective. They want to know how much the customer spent in total to get the particular discount. Having a hard time with this. There could be more that one discount code on a particular order. I've attached a picture of what the report would look like (per Chuck's recommendations of having a snapshot of the finished product).

    Can anyone help me figure out how to make this happen? I would really appreciate it. 

    The client thinks this should be simple to come up with....if ONLY things were that simple! LOL 

  • If i understand from the report... you are are taking a complete list of items that are marked as discount items, and subtracting from the invoice total... are they item type of discount?  how are they differentiating these inside of the QuickBooks list?

  • I've attached a sample invoice so you can see where the info comes from. Notice that there is a "Payment" item that sometimes gets entered when people pay by credit card or Paypal, which zero's out the invoice. All of the promo codes are entered in QB as a DISCOUNT type of item. Some of the items sold are Inventory Parts, but most are Inventory Assemblies.

    Another caveat...they want to be able to filter by a particular discount item so they can see total sales for customers who used that promo code, along with any other discounts they may have taken.

    Does this help 'Clearify' my clients needs lol ?

  • UPDATE: 

    In QQube Version 7.1, we introduced 7 new measures to assist paid/open transaction status and applied/taken discounts: 

    • SalesTxn Document Discount Items Amount
    • SalesTxn Document Credits Amount
    • SalesTxn Line Credits Applied On Document
    • SalesTxn Line Payments Applied On Document
    • SalesTxn Line Payments Applied To Document
    • SalesTxn Line Discounts Applied On Document
    • SalesTxn Line Discounts Applied To Document

    Learn more about Discount Amounts in Version 7.1.

  • Good morning! Is there an explanation or definition somewhere for the Applied To vs Applied On Document fields? 

    Thanks in advance,


    Angela Meharg Founder, Datisfy Inc. +1 800-801-4024
  • Answered

    The explanation for each field is also in the Excel Add-In Bubble Text. 

    Here is a synopsis of the LIne Related Fields 

    • Applied To means it is applied against the transaction e.g. linked transaction.
      • Payment
      • Discount on the Payment if paid early according to the terms you have given the customer
    • Applied On means it is applied on the transaction e.g. invoice
      • Minus amount on the invoice
      • Payment item on the invoice
      • Discount item on the invoice

    NOTE: Credit Memos applied against a customer invoice is a separate field in the Sales Analytic.

    For a detailed explanation of Open, Applied, Signage, Rules please see: Learn more about Applied Amounts in Version 7.1

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