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Unexpected data

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  • I have multiple saved reports.  One of the reports is to pull in estimates that are - active, and signed.  When I open the report I refresh with current data.  After the report loads I notice there are jobs that I know we have completed and billed.  So I start checking them.  The first 3 jobs are closed and inactive.  So now I start checking all of the jobs on the report.  Some are correct, some are correct on the report because they weren't "finalized" in QuickBooks, and then several are incorrect.  The owner wants a listing of all jobs that have been signed but not billed.  I can't give him this report because it isn't accurate.  How do I fix this?

  • First, what release are you on?  We fix bugs over the life of the product - but through our current Version 7.x we have no data accuracy issues on the table that we are aware of.

    Second, do you have a successful synch - with no previous aborts or abnormal interruptions?  - the synch logs are the key to data accuracy. Synchronizer Logs in QQube | CLEARIFY 

    Third, with regard to job status - remember that Intuit does not expose the alias names for this list, only the original names:

    • Job Status - Custom Alias Names

    QuickBooks Fields Not Available in QQube - Custom Job Status Aliases


    Lastly, we have a document for this specific purpose: https://clearify.com/wiki/view/393/troubleshooting-guide


  • Application Version -, Procedure version 5.70.06, Database Version 1602.

  • There have been 4 successful sync's in a row. There was a number of unsuccessful because there was a dialogue box coming up (I think it was TSheets) and it was waiting for a response. As soon as I logged in and said do not show again it has successfully completed.

  • Not sure about Job Status - I have used the same report and parameters since I have been using QQube. Chuck help me set up the parameters. I used to always get accurate data. I haven't done a report for awhile because no one was looking at them. It also seems like something is missing. When you click inside the table the Pivot table comes up but it seems to me there was another box that came up as well.

  • I will review the troubleshooting guide to see if I am able to correct the issue.

  • Answered

    A synch will show as successful because it hasn't encountered any data extraction errors since the last update.  If there are any aborts or abnormal interruptions previously, the won't be reflected in the current extraction.

    If this is a report that has been running for a while successfully, and then all of a sudden isn't - the data accuracy guide will tell you to simply clear the data and reload from scratch.  99% of the time, that fixes all issues.

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