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QQube for QuickBooks Version 7.3 (Build 481) | CLEARIFY

QQube 7.3 (Build 481)

QQube 7.3 (Build 481)

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Release Date - June 12, 2019


There are multiple bug fixes, one handy feature for multiple company files, and several new fields related to Open Sales Orders in this version.

Bug Fixes

Account Dimension

  • Fix issue where "dot" between account number and name was using the wrong character set. This did not affect accuracy - it was cosmetic only.

Payroll - Pro/Premiere

  • Fix issue where a fix in build 472 for Duplicate TxnID in Excel PowerPivot, caused payroll data in Pro/Premier not to return data.  The root issue has now been fixed.

Profit and Loss Freestyle (and by Class)

  • Fix issue where Foreign Amount is incorrect for Inventory COGS.
  • Fix issue where COGS Amount for Assemblies were not showing.

Open Sales Orders

  • Fix issue where invoicing more than the original sales order quantity would cause an incorrect open quantity.
  • Changed the condition where a Sales Order is manually closed with open amounts remaining, to show a balance amount of 0.00 rather then the "false" open amount.

Job Cost

  • Fix issue where if a service item on an invoice is posted to a cogs or expense account (as opposed to the normal posting of income) it would show income correctly, but also incorrectly a negative cost.
  • Fix issue where Job Cost Materials amount from Credit Memos was missing for non-inventory items.
  • Identified and fixed multiple issues where incorrect postings of inventory or assembly items would cause either cost or income to not match QQube against QB Estimates vs Actuals Report.
  • Fix issue for QuickBooks Canada where GST PST on invoices, sales receipts, credit memos, were incorrectly showing as job cost income.
  • Identified and fixed issue where expense posted to inventory account is not a job cost amount - when running the Estimate vs Actual report in QB.


  • Fix the following issue: if you initially chose and loaded data from an analytic with a few transactions (e.g. sales or purchases) and then chose and loaded data from an analytic like general ledger AFTER the fact, QQube would throw a "mvf_xyz_index_would_not_be_unique" error in the log.

New Feature

Skip File(s) in a Scheduled Synch

  • You can now automatically skip a file(s) during the scheduled synch.  You previously could skip files that didn't ever get changed or opened, but this goes a step further.

New Fields

Open Sales Orders

  • QuickBooks now calculates the remaining Sales Order Amounts based upon the actual amounts (e.g. actual rates on the invoice), not the theoretical amount based upon the remaining qty times the original sales order rate. We have created new fields that will keep the existing invoiced and amount fields as they are - and aliased with the appendage of "SO Rate" (new columns show Actual Rate).

    • Line Sales Order Invoiced Amount Actual
    • Line Sales Order Invoiced Amount Foreign Actual
    • Line Sales Order Open Amount Actual
    • Line Sales Order Open Amount Foreign Actual
  • Invoiced Amount Actual and Open Amount Actual are added to the inventory and sales analytics


Custom Tags and Advanced Properties

  • Where possible, all tags and properties for Excel, PowerPivot, Access, Crystal Reports are congruent, and can be used in Windows Explorer columns.  PowerBI does not have tags and properties at this time.
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